Almost half of today’s consumers eat a burger at least once a week. And cravings are the primary driver behind their purchases. To serve crave-worthy burgers that build loyalty, you need patties that align with current consumer desires.
The health halo is important
Attributes such as “natural,” “organic” and “fresh” are increasingly important to health-conscious consumers. In fact, 37% report wanting a greater number of healthy menu options.* Try offering your signature burger “naked,” and served in a romaine lettuce wrap instead of a bun. Using patties with cleaner labels can help you make health-focused menu claims such as “No added MSG- and gluten-free” (provided your other burger ingredients are as well).
Stuffed patties turn burgers outside in
Originating in Minnesota, stuffed preparations that place cheese inside the patty rather than on top are gaining widespread popularity. And the possibilities are endless. Start with a Cargill ground beef patty, mold it around the cheese (and other ingredients) of your choice and cook until the cheese melts for a truly unique offering that turns traditional on its head.
Premium offerings command a premium price tag
Consumers consider the quality of the meat to be the most important factor in what makes a good burger. And many are willing to pay more for a burger they consider premium. You can increase the quality perception of your offerings by sourcing premium meats such as our TNT Angus patties, meats with cleaner labels, or fresh-never-frozen patties, like our Cedar Canyon® lineup.
Mini is the new big
Mini-burger consumption is up, and smart operators can take advantage. Not only is the bite-sized trend still going strong, but mini-burgers are strong performers across dayparts. Sliders are the perfect size for a quick yet satisfying lunch and they make an ideal appetizer or light dinner, while still fitting consumers’ value equation with a lower price point. Menu with our TNT 2 oz. Seasoned Angus Patty and hit both the mini and premium trends!
When it comes to beef preference, Angus rules
Burger lovers know their beef and, according to the 2015 Technomic Burger Consumer Trend Report, they are still demanding Angus burgers as their #1 choice. However, “Standard Ground Beef” is a close second, with more premium and exotic cuts such as “Sirloin” and “Kobe” trailing slightly behind. Make sure you call out your menu’s beef cuts to maximize appeal to your burger-savvy guests.
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Get on-trend LTO concepts
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