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Discover Cheese for Amazing Burgers

All indications are that comfort foods will continue to reign supreme. Yet “expect the pendulum to keep swinging from classic comfort foods, to people wanting to mix it up,” explains Chef Bradley Borchardt, Cargill Senior Corporate Chef of Innovation and Strategy, “restaurants need to offer classic foods, but also try new things.”

One way to shake things up is by adding a distinctive cheese to your cheeseburgers.

A unique cheese can change everything – the look, flavor, price point, eating experience and the overall satisfaction from the burger. Consider these exciting cheese options…


Rich and creamy, it’s one of Italy’s great cheeses. Melt it on or crumble it for big flavor. Its blue-green flecks deliver a slightly sharp, slightly spicy accent to your burger.


A treasure from Holland with a mild nut-like flavor – for super-delectable burgers. For best appearances, use mild heat when melting this cheese.

Fontina Val d’Aosta

This rock star (a.k.a. fontina) is essentially an Italian Gruyère. It’s silky smooth with hints of toasted nuts. To make it extra melty, bring it to room temperature, slice it thin, and layer generously.


Shreds of cream-soaked mozzarella are stuffed inside a sturdy mozzarella shell – giving you a creamy center that oozes beautifully. Consider accenting it with a drizzle of balsamic in your oh-so-decadent cheeseburger.


This “Carolina caviar” is really a versatile spread made with cheese. Its craveable kick of heat is breaking out of the South to become an American icon. Add a dollop to your burgers or offer it on the side.

Port Salut

This semi-soft cheese, created by monks in France, offers a mildly sweet flavor and smooth, satiny texture. It also pairs brilliantly with bacon, for a spectacular bacon cheeseburger.

Goat Cheese

This creamy cheeses (a.k.a. chèvre – French for “goat”) is delightfully tart/tangy and spreadable – perfect for a luxurious cheeseburger. Wine, anyone?

Stay Ahead of Your Customers’ Cravings.

Don’t let them get bored! Stepping up your cheese offerings is a clever way to shake things up – or add distinction. It also adds value that can help offset the cost of delivery or meal kits. But perhaps most importantly, these cheeses bring unique flavors and eating pleasure to your patrons. And that’s exciting!

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