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Burger Cravings is home to the brands you trust to bring superior quality and variety to your burger lineup – so you can serve up signature offerings that keep your customers coming back. From premium primal rib to tender ground beef and beyond, this is your one-stop resource for all your burger needs.

Why Choose Our Burgers?

Cost Savings

  • Zero food waste
  • Longer shelf life and fewer throwaways
  • Reduced kitchen labor costs
  • Less market volatility and more stable pricing


  • Preformed for consistent quality and control while cooking
  • Cooked from frozen—no slacking or waiting
  • Portion controlled—take only what you need
  • Frees up refrigerator space–no managing “fresh” expiration dates
  • Available year-round—no order shorting


  • Rigorous E.coli testing and test-and-hold safety protocols
  • Freezing helps inhibit microbial growth
  • Enhanced shelf life reduces spoilage concerns

TNT Burgers

TNT™ Burgers

The premium IQF foodservice burger patties that deliver perfectly seasoned, fresh-from-the-grill taste, and superior tenderness and juiciness even after competitive hold times.

Cedar Canyon® Meat Company logo

Cedar Canyon®

The burger patties made exclusively from primal rib meat and no added ingredients that deliver an upscale flavor profile and demand a higher price point.

Maverick logo

Maverick® Burgers

The 100% pure beef, unseasoned burger patties that are proprietarily formed to be wider to provide superior bun coverage and to deliver a heartier burger eating experience.

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Do patrons prefer Fresh over Frozen?

Think fresh burgers always win? You might be surprised! In sensory panel testing*, the TNT™ Burger proved it’s a satisfying performer.

Eight Percent

Scores 8% higher in overall

Thirteen Percent

Scores 13% higher in overall

Seven Percent

Scores 7% higher in overall

*Cargill Internal Sensory Panel of 112 consumers comparing fresh vs. frozen patties of 78:22 lean:fat ratio, August 2015, Wichita, KS


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