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Second only to pizza delivery, burger delivery is staying strong, despite our current public health situation. In fact, 51% of diners say burgers and sandwiches are what they want most during our time staying at home.1

With pretty much all service being limited to takeout or delivery, how you package your burgers can make or break the meal experience. We know no one has the time for trial and error, so we’ve compiled a few tips on ways to deliver on flavorful, juicy burgers every time.

Packaging matters

Takeout and delivery limit your presentation abilities, to put it mildly. So, it makes sense to spend some time to find out which package options perform the best for you. Between paper, foil, plastic, cardboard and styrofoam, there are plenty of options. While styrofoam performed the best for burgers in our own testing, you can also opt for cardboard with vents (or create your own) so buns don’t get soggy and the burger won’t overheat.

Boxes with compartments may also offer enough separation while keeping each meal in one container. These include boxes that are reinforced well enough that they don’t require a bag. They may cost a little more, but are worth a little extra for how they protect the experience.

Separation is key

Heat-sensitive veggies and other toppings can affect how the burger arrives at your customer’s home. Consider packaging them separately — either in their own “cold” container or in a separate compartment — so flavors and bun integrity don’t get lost in transport. Sauces should always come separate and in their own containers.

Skewer separators

You can also easily separate ingredients with a skewer. By placing it through the middle of the burger, it allows for the space between ingredients that you need so the hot food stays hot and the cold food cold. It’s simple, but may be all you need to help it arrive fresher than the alternatives.

Keep fried foods crispy

Deep-fried foods are the toughest to keep fresh when talking to-go. Paper packaging is your best bet for keeping beloved fries and other crispy sides fresh and delicious.

Show off your safety

To give customers a boost of confidence that their food was only handled at your establishment, try containers that are tamper-proof once sealed. Or, to make it even simpler, seal the package with tamper-proof stickers, complete with the date and time it was packaged.

Include reheat information

Including a card with reheating instructions (or writing them on the receipt) can go a long way toward customers enjoying their burgers more. Plus, it illustrates how much you care about the quality of your menu.

1Dataessentials COVID-19 Report 3: 3/19/20

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