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Increasing Takeout Traffic


A little creativity on your part can keep takeout at your restaurant rolling even when dining in becomes possible. Now is a great time to try something new to promote what you do: serve amazing burgers. Here are some ideas worth a try:

Invite your diners to share

Great-tasting food photos make the rounds. In fact, some social media accounts exist only for this reason! Be sure to encourage your patrons to share their meals and experiences on social media, and to tag your restaurant while they’re at it. You can even create a special hashtag for them to use and award a prize to one lucky participant.

Speaking of contests…

Don’t limit your contests to just social media. Offer giveaways or other fun spiffs to reward customers for ordering takeout. Maybe they can name a specific burger, or come up with a creation of their own that you put on the menu with their name for an extra-engaging LTO. Be creative — no one knows what your customers will like better than you!

Don’t forget the LTOs

Nearly everyone has searched for a restaurant deal. In fact, 80% of people who are offered a deal will try a new restaurant because of it.1 But LTOs don’t just work for new diners. They’re a great way to keep people coming back. By offering a weekly or even daily special, you keep people’s curiosity piqued and your operation in the running for their meal.

Start and promote a loyalty program

Statistics show 65% of Americans participate in a restaurant loyalty program.2 Not only will it help you learn more about your customers (and what they like), it encourages repeat business and allows you the chance to reward loyal customers.

Partner up

Is there a local brewery or distillery making interesting beverages? A bakery with to-die-for desserts? Maybe a cool company that isn’t even food related? Consider partnering with another business and cross-promoting to keep traffic streaming in.

Most importantly, don’t let the basics slide! Put the latest information on all your online and social media channels. It’s most likely the first place people will go to find out up-to-date information about your takeout situation.

Update your web presence

It’s important customers know you’re open and if you’re doing takeout. Make sure it’s clear on your website, but don’t forget to update search methods like Yelp, Google My Business, Bing Places for Business and anywhere else diners might find you. Also, make sure you post your operating hours!

Start or extend your social media presence

Leverage your social media platforms to remind customers of your hours and menu items. It’s a great way to promote your daily specials! Photos go a long way toward helping appetite appeal, so make sure you’re putting your best pics — and dishes — front and center. And encourage your customers to do the same and tag you in their posts.

1Retailmenot; “The Evolution of Dining in the Digital Age”

2Oracle; “Do Restaurant Guests Engage With Loyalty Programs?”

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