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The Frozen Facts with Cargill’s Chef Janet Bourbon

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Fresh versus frozen patties can be a hot button issue in the kitchen, but as long as it’s a high-quality patty, is there any difference? We spoke with Chef Janet Bourbon of Cargill to get the sizzle on how fresh versus frozen patties really perform. 

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What are the common misconceptions that consumers have about frozen burgers? 

“If some consumers have been disappointed in a frozen patty, it’s probably because they have made patties at home and frozen them in their home freezers. The freezing process at home is slow, and that affects the burger’s texture. TNT™ patties are flash frozen, with no impact on your burger’s flavor or texture. Frozen patties are tasty, juicy, and delicious — just like fresh patties.”

If restaurants can cut down on labor costs with streamlined back-of-kitchen processes like frozen burgers, why are some hesitant to switch to frozen patties? 

“There are a lot of misconceptions in the industry about fresh versus frozen patties, it probably stems from bad experiences with frozen burgers that were mishandled in some way. But if chefs were to try a flash-frozen patty that has been stored properly and cooked perfectly, they would be surprised — and really happy with the result. When it comes down to it, I think that a great burger is just one that has been properly cooked.”

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What can frozen burger patties offer that fresh cannot to restaurants and chefs?

“Frozen patties are great for inventory control and managing waste. They help with labor costs as well. No one has the time or the staff to make patties in this labor market.”

When experimenting with many different flavors and burgers, how important is the patty?

“When you’re playing around with different sauces, carriers, and garnishes, you need at least one constant, and that’s a good-quality frozen patty.”

Experimenting with sauces

 More customers are satisfied with just minor changes to a classic burger, most consumers want some variation on a cheeseburger.”

Chef Janet Bourbon, Strategic Accounts Chef

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