Consumers overwhelmingly prefer more traditional burger accompaniments – but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with plain old ketchup and mustard. Mayonnaise is the top condiment menued across LSR and FSR segments, and it offers the perfect platform for flavor experimentation.* In addition, you can kick classics like barbecue sauce up a notch with culinary elements such as smoky chipotle chilies to give your burgers an unexpected bite.
Go beyond traditional and get gourmet
There’s certainly a time and place for tried and true standbys, but consumers are demonstrating their willingness to be flavor adventurers – so don’t be afraid to give condiments your own signature twist. Spice up mayo with garlic, chipotle or fresh herbs, or try adding unusual ingredients such as candied jalapenos to relish for a real sweet and spicy punch.
Housemade blends add high-end appeal
There’s nothing wrong with ketchup straight from the bottle, but making your own – with vine-ripened tomatoes, cinnamon, garlic and Spanish onion – can instantly elevate your burgers to premium status and command a premium price point. Today’s consumers increasingly crave “simplicity,” and respond positively to the DIY aesthetic of craft-made condiments.
Men and women both crave the classics
Men and women share remarkably similar preferences when it comes to burger condiments. As this Technomic study demonstrates, ketchup, mayo, mustard, barbecue sauce and most other condiments have similar popularity rankings for males and females. Two notable exceptions include steak sauce (greatly preferred by men) and guacamole (vastly preferred by women, who consider it a healthful indulgence). Get all the details below.
 Leading Condiments
Get on-trend LTO concepts
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