Looking for fresh burger ideas? “Think Latino,” says Cargill Corporate Chef Janet Bourbon. Coax both burger lovers and fans of Latin American cuisine through the door with toppings that sizzle with Latin flavors. From Mexican and Caribbean to Brazilian and Chilean, Latin American cuisine is colorful, diverse and big in flavor—with plenty of inspiration for giving your burger lineup a global spin.
Kick up condiments like ketchup and mayo
Anchos and chipotles are go-to chili varieties for adding some zest to ketchup. Or infuse some smoky sweetness with a blend of guajillo peppers. And to get guests requesting, “mas mayo, por favor,” try livening up a mayo base with a hit of crema (Mexican sour cream), or heating things up with a spicy ancho purée.
Pop in peppers
Try a medley of peeled, roasted green chilies: poblano, hatch, Anaheim and jalapeño. And for customers who like the heat, toss some roasted serranos under the bun!
Opt for elote
Combine roasted corn, mayo, Cotija and lime juice, and you’ll be set to add a scoop of something special to those juicy burgers.
Freshly charred pico
Grill tomato, onions and jalapeños until lightly charred, then chop and combine for a smoky, fresh pico de gallo with robust flavors.
Think beyond cheddar
Don’t forget delicious Mexican cheeses! The creamy Queso Quesadilla is a personal fave of Chef Bourbon’s, but the mild, smooth Queso Fresco and hard, crumbly Cotija are tasty choices, too.
Have fun with the bun
Switch from flour to masa harina, a corn flour traditionally used in Mexican tamales and tortillas. Or halve a grilled patty and place inside two warm corn tortillas. Add a dollop of pico, or top with cilantro and white onion and you’ve got taco burgers to-go!
Get on-trend LTO concepts
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