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An Equation For The Perfect Burger

Crafting a burger is as much of a science as it is an artform, especially if you want to surprise and delight. Here are some tips and tricks to building every bite to perfection.

Let’s take it from the top. There’s a lot to love about a burger, but the bun can make it or break it.

And while traditional buns are the most preferred, over 75% of diners say they’d consider ordering unique breads—like sourdough rolls, potato buns or onion buns—with their burgers.1

Or give these a try:

  • Ciabatta
  • French bread
  • Focaccia buns
  • Pretzel buns (heartier buns = great for burgers loaded with sauce)

Just remember to taste-test on a complete burger to make sure it fits the flavor profile!

When it comes to the toppings, unsurprisingly the classics are the go-tos. But no harm in getting creative! Try sliced apple or kimchi—even mac & cheese can entice a few adventurers.

Topping tip:
Balance acidic ingredients (like anything pickled) with egg-based, rich sauces or an extra thick slice of American cheese.

Prefer lettuce1

Choose tomato1

A good burger sauce is nearly essential these days. It adds a welcomed moisture and even more flavor.

Here’s a tip: consider using your other dishes’ sauces on your burger. This creates consistency on your menu, plus a unique house burger.

Or create your own burger-centric sauce. Check out these sauces to give your burger a little boom.

What’s the Right Amount?
If your customers take it to go > less on the burger (or more on the side). If they eat it immediately > you can get away with more under the bun (but if the sauce is pouring out, it’s too much).

There’s no denying we all love our American and cheddar cheeses. But let’s think beyond basic: Blue, Goat, Brie, Feta, Gorgonzola.

A unique cheese can separate you from the rest and keep your diners coming back.

Pro Tip: young cheddar will melt better than aged cheddar.

And of course, the patty. It’s what literally makes a burger a burger. Beyond the basic tips, keep up with what’s hot: today, diners love clean ingredients in their burgers.

39% will pay more for burgers with minimal ingredients.2

The TNT™ Simply Classic is a seasoned, clean label* patty with only 7 simple ingredients.


When experimenting, don’t add too much of an ingredient—go for a hint instead.

Want something sweet?
Add a dash of cocoa dust to the bun.

*Very few ingredients used  | 1 Technomic, “Burger Consumer Trend Report,” 2019 | 2 Datassential Keynote Report: Burgers, 2021   

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