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12 Sauces That’ll Make Your Burger Dance

If a good sauce can make a great burger, then these sauces will turn your menu into gold. Try these thick and tasty sauces as is, or add your creative spin.

Raw Tomatillo Salsa >

This sauce gives your burger a spicy bite that won’t quit: tomatillos + onion + cilantro + jalapeño

Maple Ketchup >

Perfect for breakfasts, this sticky topper gets everyone out of bed: real maple syrup + ketchup

Curry Mayo >

There’s a party in your mouth and bold flavor is invited: curry powder + mayo + mango chutney

Sauce can add moisture, flavor, and an easy distinction from other burger menus.

French Onion Dip >

Say bonjour to another new favorite burger sauce: onion soup mix + sour cream

Yogurt Cheese >

Try this blend to top a naan-cayenne-spinach burger: full-fat yogurt + garlic

Parmesan Artichoke Mayo >

Pair this thick sauce with spinach and swiss cheese for one impressive burger: artichoke hearts + mayo + parmesan + parsley

Does sauce go on the bun or the patty?
Our take: as long as it’s an even spread, your guests will love it!

Chipotle Feta >

This fiesta lover’s dream will zing as easily as you can make it: chipotle paste + feta cheese

Cherry BBQ Sauce >

Sweet, savory and sooo hard not to slather on more: cherries + brown sugar + mustard + onion + ketchup

Crab Cream Cheese >

Try this with a Thai-style burger and you’ll never look back: cream cheese + crabmeat + green onion + lemon juice

Sauces can both match and contrast other flavors in your burger: hot sauce with pepper jack cheese, a sweet sauce for your savory patty—the combinations are endless.

Nacho Cheese >

Grab a napkin for this one (and don’t forget the pickled jalapeños!): queso dip + pico de gallo

Olive Relish >

Best served on a goat cheese and kale burger: olives + capers + parsley + tomato + shallots

Pistachio Pesto >

Brighten your burger with some distinct flavor: basil + parmesan + pistachios + garlic

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