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Flex Your Menu Muscles

When you make the decision to add a new burger to your menu, you can’t expect customers to flock to it. But, a Limited Time Offer (LTO) gives them an incentive to try it before it goes away. Don’t be afraid to offer a single-day only special (e.g. “Southwestern Saturday”) or even a special burger every day. Your customers will start looking forward to what’s new!

LTOs can also help you with other parts of your menu, too. By using the ingredients you already have in your kitchen to make a limited offering, you can see how your customers react to different flavors. You could offer more premium toppings on your LTO burgers to increase profits or capitalize on current trends. And don’t forget: people love to share! A visually appealing burger with on-trend toppings or sauces can mean a social media post from your guests where every heart or like gives you credit for your creativity. Social media can drive demand for LTOs, with the most buzzworthy having the possibility of going viral. 

LTOs can also help you figure out how to change up one of your permanent menu items so that item can gain popularity with your customers. It’s even a great way to test out a new menu design or written description to see how that resonates with diners. After all, your menu is one of the only items 100% of your customers will read, whether it’s to pass the time while they wait for a table, or to decide what they’d like to order.

LTOs are a low-risk initiative with big potential when it comes to impressing customers and improving your bottom line.

How to LTO

Know who you’re targeting

Know your diners: your approach should be different for 23-year-olds vs. 53-year-olds.

Make sure people know what makes your LTO special

Tell them in an exciting way what you’re serving up, whether it’s something seasonal, newsworthy or to build on a local trend.

Make sure people know your LTO is really for a limited time

This will encourage customers not to wait!

Building rewards and social sharing into your offer encourages engagement

Price it right

Not only can you test new pricing, you can be sure to capture more profit that premium ingredients can bring.

Why LTOs

48% of consumers say they try an LTO every month1

30% of consumers aged 18-44 try an LTO item every week1

50% of millennials say they want to be the first to try something new1


Get Ideas

Want some great ideas of what to offer as an LTO? Take a look here >

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