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Franchisor Tips for Burger Success

We wanted to know how successful operators (who may or may not be burger-focused) make burgers a profitable part of their menu. We spoke with Matt Friedman, CEO and founder of Wing Zone, an 80-restaurant franchise with origins in Gainesville, Florida, to see what tips he has to offer. Here’s what we heard:

Customization is key

Customization is key diners want to pick and choose what they want to put on their burger. And that’s not going anywhere any time soon!

Use what you’ve got

Customization, however, should be done by maximizing the items you already have on your menu. For instance, we have Mac & Cheese on our menu, so offering a Mac & Cheese burger was a no-brainer.

Bring it on over

Delivery can do so much to boost sales. We’re definitely proof of that. TNT™ Burgers are perfect for delivery because of their 3-hour hold time. That’s a great start, but there’s also things you can do to help delivery burgers stay delicious.

I recommend doing a little experimenting with how you send out your deliveries: everything is up for grabs to make sure you’re sending your very best. From the buns to the toppings and how you package it, this all affects how it will arrive. We tried a lot of buns before we found the right ones. We also figured out that by packaging toppings separately (we put them in their own container, separated by deli sheets), customers get to customize their burgers while the meat itself stays juicy and delicious.

Take a chance on me

Take a chance on LTOs or specials of the day. Having a special burger day that offers a discount will help increase frequency and get people into a routine. People are more likely to try something new if you remove the risk (in this case, price).

Consistently consistent

Your customers want to know what to expect. Make sure you choose a burger with a good hold time that can quickly fire. Using TNT™ Burgers at Wing Zone means virtually zero waste, because they fire in about five minutes.

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