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Let’s Get Crazy: Insanely Good Non-Traditional Burgers

Four non traditional burger options

You can go much bigger and broader than you might think with our TNT™ Burgers – especially when it comes to creating buzzworthy non-traditional burgers. Check out these unique executions, then feel free to download our recipes.

Burger wrapped in a pita

Burger Souvlaki

Wow them with classic flavor centered around a tender, beefy burger – all wrapped up in a visually distinctive pita – with a fabulous Tzatziki sauce!

Burger stuffed mushrooms

Burger Stuffed Mushrooms

These fun, shareable circles-of-heaven provide a savory, easy-to-eat burger experience…at the bar, on the table, or as a delivered item. Bonus: add it to a Bloody Mary stack for some extra pizzazz!

Burger poutine in pan

Burger Poutine

Oh yes! Start with a sure-fire burger patty, then add a ton of flavor a la Canada. This poutine includes warm fries, cheese, gravy and more. Be sure to check it out.  

All the flavor, without the bun!

Burger icon

Burger fondue set

Burger Fondue

This fun, dippable, burger twist is perfect for sharing as an appetizer, snack or meal. And it’s a great way to separate the carbs from the beef for those seeking that lifestyle option.

Burger Katsu on plate

Burger Katsu

This stunning Japanese twist will definitely get people’s attention – on the specials board, at the table, or in your Thursday Night Burger Buffet. Think about it.

Burger calzone on plate

Burger Calzone

This Italian stallion can be a menu work-horse…almost any time of day. Simply combine our TNT™ Burger with your favorite Italian flavors in this easy-to-eat, easy-to-deliver format.

Get your customers talking!

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Burger au gratin

ZaZa Gratin Burger Casserole

With a clever nod to pizza, this burger-driven casserole combines great flavor with that crispy “au gratin” texture people love – it’s a comfort food feast.  

Burger stroganoff

Burger Stroganoff

Create something robust and satisfying by using your noodle….along with mushrooms, onions, gravy and a hearty beef patty. Add a unique execution to your burger menu!


Endless Possibility of the Patty screenshot

All these non-traditional applications can be made with delicious, consistent, labor-friendly TNT™ Burgers. The recipes make it easy!

Also, be sure to revisit Fearless Ideas From A Burger Expert which goes way beyond applications to help you re-energize your whole ‘we do burgers’ vibe.  

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Bring these ideas to life with one of our burgers

TNT Burgers – Tasty n Tender

TNT™ Burgers

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Cedar Canyon®

The burger patties made exclusively from primal rib meat and no added ingredients that deliver an upscale flavor profile and demand a higher price point.

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Maverick® Burgers

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