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Make the Most of National Burger Month

National Burger Month

Americans eat over 50 billion burgers a year, yeah billion… with a capital B! What better way to celebrate America’s beloved burger than a whole month of new burgers, burger pictures and burger fans?!

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Think of the LTO-pportunities

Burger Month kicks off the “unofficial” start to burger season. As we roll into the season of heavy burger cravings, consider how your patties can make a statement at your operation. 

When you make the decision to add a new burger to your menu, you can’t expect customers to flock to it. But, an LTO gives them an incentive to try it before it goes away. So have some fun and mix up your menu! Try offering single-day specials, like a Taco Tuesday Burger or a unique “burger of the day.” Your customers will start looking forward to what’s new!

Sharing in the Deliciousness 

You know what folks love to say, “The camera eats first.” Word of mouth and sharing food pictures on social media is a great (and usually free) way to get the word out about any new burgers or burger specials your operation may be offering. According to IFIC’s data, as a result of social media content, 42% of Americans say they have tried a new brand or product, and 29% say they have tried a new restaurant. So harness the powers of social media for good and encourage visitors to share their favorite burgers, recommend or vote on your next LTO or leave a Google review to help encourage future customers.

Person taking a picture of a burger with their mobile phone

Icons representing social media "likes" and "follows"

Follow the Love

As you test out new concepts and consider what’s ahead, find menu options that will resonate with your customers. Be sure to listen to what they’re engaging with on social media and ask your staff about any feedback, ideas, or compliments that have come through. Consumers love to be heard. It makes them feel like they’ve played a part in your building the menu they love so much—and after all, what’s National Burger Month without the burger lovers? 

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