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So, What Is IQF?

IQF burgers on a griddle

Between managing food quality and safety, and balancing budgets and inventory, running a restaurant can be a lot to handle. IQF technology is playing its part in helping operators not just keep up but get ahead in the fast-paced restaurant world.

IQF Patty

What is an IQF patty? 

IQF stands for Individually Quick Frozen. 

Get Unbeatable High Quality 


Delicious Juiciness: IQF technology ensures you’ll get the same juiciness of a fresh patty; no tough freezer burn here.


Ideal Texture: Freezing patties quickly helps keep them from getting tough and secures the tenderness of the beef. 


Craveable Flavor: Create your operation’s signature bite with your own seasonings and ingredients. 


IQF patties are also offered in hand-formed shapes to help give them a “fresh-made” look. 

Experience Unmatched Convenience

Overhead shot of an IQF patty

IQF patties arrive pre-formed, pre-sized and pre-seasoned. 

Side shot of an IQF patty on a griddle

Easily cook from frozen on a flattop, charbroil or open-flame grill. 

Plate of grilled burger patties

Less prep means less wait for your customers and less labor for your kitchen. 

IQF burger with toppings

Going directly from freezer to cooktop greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination.  

Keep Costs Down

Less Waste icon

Less prep means less wasted product and ingredients. 

12 Months calendar icon

IQF patties can be stored for up to 12 months in a properly regulated commercial freezer.

3 hours hourglass icon

Much longer hold time compared to fresh burgers. For example, TNT™ Burgers hold for 3+ hours.

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Bring these ideas to life with one of our burgers

TNT Burgers – Tasty n Tender

TNT™ Burgers

The premium IQF foodservice burger patties that deliver perfectly seasoned, fresh-from-the-grill taste, and superior tenderness and juiciness even after competitive hold times.

Cedar Canyon® Meat Company logo

Cedar Canyon®

The burger patties made exclusively from primal rib meat and no added ingredients that deliver an upscale flavor profile and demand a higher price point.

Maverick Logo

Maverick® Burgers

The 100% pure beef, unseasoned burger patties that are proprietarily formed to be wider to provide superior bun coverage and to deliver a heartier burger eating experience.


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