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Considering Flipping to Frozen Patties? Here’s Why That’s a Smart Move

If you’re thinking about swapping your fresh patties for frozen, you’re probably not alone. Using frozen patties is an easy solve for today’s tight labor issues. On top of that, they typically have no problem retaining that great burger taste, plus consumers tend to prefer them over fresh.1

The Facts of Frozen

Saves Labor and Prep Time

No need to hand-shape your patties, then wash those dishes. You can usually cook frozen patties straight from the package, no thawing or slacking necessary!

Waste Less, Use More

Frozen patties, like TNT Burgers, let you choose exactly how many you’ll need to cook, saving you from making a large batch and potentially tossing the unused into the garbage.

Cool Consistencies

Since your staff won’t be forming your patties every day, you won’t have to worry about potential size and flavor differences, a comforting thought if you have newer cooks just learning the ropes.

Tastes like Fresh

Individually quick-frozen patties lock in juiciness, texture and flavor at the peak of freshness. Consumers even prefer the taste of frozen patties compared to fresh.1

The Cold Hard Proof

It’s one thing to understand how great frozen patties are for your restaurant. It’s even more credible to hear it from the mouths of customers themselves. A recent sensory evaluation1 showed that burger lovers preferred frozen patties 2:1 over fresh patties.

In this study, performed at the Cargill Sensory Center in Wichita, Kansas, 97 people compared frozen patties against fresh. Here’s how it went down:

Participants were chosen based on if they regularly ate ground beef patties every month or more often.
Each person was given two halves of a cooked patty: one plain, unseasoned frozen patty, and one plain, unseasoned fresh patty (they even had to cleanse their palates between bites!)
They were then asked to rank each on a 9-point scale (1=“dislike extremely;” 5=“neither like nor dislike;” 9=“like extremely”) for overall liking, flavor, juiciness and texture.

The results: more people preferred frozen!

With all the benefits to your staff and kitchen, along with the proven consumer preference, using frozen patties seems like a no-brainer.

But if you still have concerns about making the switch, just consider the thoughts of a certain animated princess who knows a thing or two about frozen: “Let it go, let it gooo…”

1 CPNA R&D, Internal Sensory Panel, May 2022

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