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Perfect Drink Pairings for your Burgers

Two people holding mugs of beer and enjoying burgers and french fries

What’s a burger without a drink? Whether a wine, beer, cocktail or even milkshake, when a burger gets that perfect partner, it can turn a meal into an unforgettable experience.

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Cabernet Sauvignon
Ideal with burgers that use American or blue cheese.

A natural fit for beef. Bordeaux and Bordeaux blends also pair well.

Tuscan Reds
A lush, ripe flavor profile does wonders when paired with a burger.

Malbec, Shiraz or Zinfandel
Just about any full-bodied red won’t disappoint.

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The hoppiness of an IPA is an excellent go-to for nearly any savory burger.

Amber Ales
Try an amber ale for something a little less sweet for your meal.

American Pilsners
The light, dry finish makes a pilsner a great in-between-bites beer.

American Blonde Ales
A clean taste for burgers that are topped with crisp, fresh veggies.

Helles-Style Lagers
Keeps a spicy heat at bay without overtaking the flavor.

Great for smoked meats or smoky toppings.

Nutty Brown Ales
Try with an aged cheese like swiss or gouda.

Acidic toppings like pickles and mustards practically beg for a spicy saison.

American Wheats
Reel in the rich flavor of goat cheese or avocado.

Martini icon


Have a gourmet burger? The sweet-yet-strong profile goes hand-in-hand with a premium bite.

A little carbonation and a milder flavor makes a paloma an easy choice.

Old Fashioned
Put this on your winter menu next to a burger for a warm-me-up combo.

Pimm’s Cup
This gin-based cocktail will keep your customers cool during summertime patio dining.

Shiitake Mushroom Cocktail
Mushrooms are predicted to trend in 2022, so a mushroom-infused cocktail is a perfect choice for adventurous burger lovers. Try the recipe yourself.

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Premium, Non-Alcoholic Milkshakes
Take the classic up a notch with a torched lemon meringue shake or get tropical with a coconut-fudge combo. Here are 48 more ideas.

Boozy Milkshakes
Create an adults-only milkshake menu by adding a little extra spirit with rum, Irish cream or more from this list.

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