Burgers Gone Old School

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Throwback burgers that satisfy To put a new spin on your menu, think of classic homemade favorites and combine them with a tasty, juicy burger. It’s that simple. Here are some delicious examples: Get old school perfection The key to any great burger build is starting with the perfect patty. For instance, you might consider

Building the Right Burger Portfolio

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Crafting a burger menu that produces a stellar bottom line takes careful planning. Between ever-evolving flavor trends and the growing fandom within the burger category, you’ve got to do all you can to get your burger lineup just right. Use these tips to build a multi-tiered strategy that delivers big flavor and high margins.

Menu Adaptations That Work–Takeout Tips

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TAKEOUT TIPS TO TAKE OUT STRESS Takeout and delivery are taking on an entirely new meaning these days. Restaurants that never imagined a bustling takeout business are now counting on their staff and business to make the pivot. So, we compiled helpful tips and tricks for unique executions that can make your day-to-day a little

Expert Tips for 2020

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INDUSTRY RESOURCES With the frequent changes during the coronavirus outbreak, it’s not always easy to find answers to all your questions. So, we’ve compiled a list of helpful links here to hopefully take care of some of your most pressing issues. They’re also excellent resources for our industry as a whole.

Increasing Takeout Traffic

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PROMOTION TIPS A little creativity on your part can keep takeout at your restaurant rolling even when dining in becomes possible. Now is a great time to try something new to promote what you do: serve amazing burgers. Here are some ideas worth a try: Most importantly, don’t let the basics slide! Put the latest

The Psychology of Winning Menus

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Engineering Your Communication to Drive Sales, Win Loyalty and Boost Profitability It’s the first thing you present your guests when seated, and the first thing they ask for to pass the time when waiting for a table. Nearly 100 percent of your guests will read your menu. This fact underscores the importance of crafting a

Menu Naming Magic

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Using the Power of Words to Improve Your Menu’s Profitability Every restaurant is looking for a competitive edge, a way to differentiate themselves from the competitor down the street, and new solutions for delivering unique guest experiences. Typically, this starts with menu innovation – crafting distinctive culinary concepts that are on-trend and offer exceptionally satisfying ingredient

Franchisor Tips for Burger Success

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We wanted to know how successful operators (who may or may not be burger-focused) make burgers a profitable part of their menu. We spoke with Matt Friedman, CEO and founder of Wing Zone, an 80-restaurant franchise with origins in Gainesville, Florida, to see what tips he has to offer. Here’s what we heard:

Flex Your Menu Muscles

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When you make the decision to add a new burger to your menu, you can’t expect customers to flock to it. But, a Limited Time Offer (LTO) gives them an incentive to try it before it goes away. Don’t be afraid to offer a single-day only special (e.g. “Southwestern Saturday”) or even a special burger