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The Top Buns, Toppings and Condiments, Voted by You

In March, we asked a few very important questions: out of all of the common buns, toppings and condiments that you can build a burger with, which are the most important to you? The must-haves? The can’t-live-withouts? You voted, and the results are in.

The Carrier Voted By You: Sesame Seed Bun

The flavor, texture and eye appeal of sesame seed buns pushed them to the top of the carrier list. Plain white, potato and pretzel buns also got some love. However, pita bread and lettuce wraps, when placed against the others, remain less desired.

sesame bun


The Cheese Voted By You: American

Some say the right cheese can make or break a burger. In this case, the classic go-to American earned the most votes with cheddar close behind in second place. Pepper jack, blue cheese and provolone fell in the middle, with swiss coming in last.

The Vegetable Voted By You: Onion

Whether white, red, raw or caramelized, the tried and true onion was voted as the most essential veggie topping, likely for its easy pairing to a beefy flavor. Pickles weren’t far behind in second with 26% of the votes. Lettuce, tomato, mushroom and avocado made the list, but not by much.

red onion


The Miscellaneous Topping Voted By You: Bacon

With well over half the votes in the category, bacon unsurprisingly received the most admiration from burger makers. Fried onions came in a distant second. Egg and corn chips got some acknowledgment, while shrimp and slaw saw zip.

The Classic Condiment Voted By You: Ketchup

What did you expect? Ketchup was voted the most beloved slatherable. The fact that mayo beat mustard for second place was an interesting outcome. BBQ sauce, butter and relish had fans, but few.



The Elevated Spread Voted By You: Aioli

No contest here. Aioli has been gaining popularity over the years, and it’s versatility and menuability suggests there’s no end in sight. Fruit jam, salsa, buffalo and pesto had some slight admiration. But hold the hummus: it received no votes.

The Global Flair Voted By You: Jalapeño

With the perfect crunch and a fantastic zing, the humble jalapeño won the most votes for an international addition. Miso mayo came in a high second with a 30% favorability, and tzatziki, kimchi, sauerkraut and tahini each took in less than 15% of the votes.


Notable Write-Ins

We also asked you if there were any other necessary toppings that we didn’t mention, and a few burger connoisseurs suggested some unconventional yet no less familiar ingredients: Canadian bacon and sprouts.

Survey Summary

It’s clear from your preferences that burger trends range and are clearly customizable, but the classic combinations are still very much relevant. Now go create, serve and enjoy your burgers.

The answers in this article are based on survey questions answered by a collection of article readers.

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