Great Buns That Go Beyond

Burger with Mac n' Cheese Bun

Whether you need a healthy or low-carb option for your guests, or just want to try something that goes beyond bread, there are a ton of fantastic options for ways to serve your burgers. Even the usual simple cheeseburger gets an upgrade with these creative ideas. Branching out your bun offerings is a great way

Fruitful Flavors to Try

Burger with Pineapple

Add a little summer to your burger Although it might take some convincing for some customers, the added sweetness and unexpected flavor combinations that come with fruit toppings will not only broaden some palettes, it might help customers see you in a whole new light. Give these great fruit-featuring burgers a try and see what

Bourbon Inspiration

Burger with Bourbon Sauce

Bourbon can add so much to a simple recipe. These are just a few hints to get you started, but the ideas are endless! Can’t get enough? Have huge bourbon lovers in your restaurant? How about adding a shot of bourbon right on top of the bun? And for the “more is better” crowd, consider

Global Menu Inspirations

Here are a few simple ways to bring in some global influences to your burger and stretch the borders of your menu. By just switching out a few simple items, you can open up a whole new world of flavor for your customers. After all, broadening someone’s palate can be a fantastic gift.

More Sides to Fit Any Menu

Grilled Vegetable Sides

Sides are the perfect way to upscale your menu offerings. The key is to keep them fresh — both in terms of ingredients and ideas! Think about what’s been getting buzz among your peers, your customers and the market in general, and see how you can adopt those trends to take your menu to a