Why The Classic Burger Comes Out On Top

Fried toppings

Although diners aren’t shy about trying unique executions, what makes the classic burger a mainstay? Why is it so desirable that it’s lasted for over 100 years in kitchens across the US and beyond? Here are a few reasons why the basic burger has kept its popularity. Consumers Crave It Sure, restaurant-goers love to try

Perfect Drink Pairings for your Burgers

What’s a burger without a drink? Whether a wine, beer, cocktail or even milkshake, when a burger gets that perfect partner, it can turn a meal into an unforgettable experience. Wines Cabernet SauvignonIdeal with burgers that use American or blue cheese. MerlotA natural fit for beef. Bordeaux and Bordeaux blends also pair well. Tuscan RedsA

Fried Topping Faves

Fried toppings

Fried tastes good. Customers literally crave those crispy-crunchy onion rings, french fries, bacon and more – all of which make great burger toppings. Here’s a quick Fried Topping Favorites list, with recipe and photo links, in case you’re looking for ideas… Fried Pork Rinds > Check out the funky fun in this El Rey Burger

Fearless Ideas from a Burger Expert

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“Never Stop Exploring.” Burgers are a fantastic vehicle for culinary adventure. They can be whatever you want them to be, so never stop exploring potential burger components. Try different cheeses, different buns or bun alternatives, sauces, interesting produce, infused condiments. Look for new twists that are fun for your customers; they’ll remember a unique burger

Discover Cheese for Amazing Burgers

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All indications are that comfort foods will continue to reign supreme. Yet “expect the pendulum to keep swinging from classic comfort foods, to people wanting to mix it up,” explains Chef Bradley Borchardt, Cargill Senior Corporate Chef of Innovation and Strategy, “restaurants need to offer classic foods, but also try new things.” One way to

Explore Different Mustards to Build in Flavor

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Mustards are another interesting tool in your burger toolbox, and a cost effective way to kick up or change up the flavor.  There are literally hundreds of mustard varieties – from classic, sweet and course styles to flavored mustards, international mustards and more. We listed a few simple yet delicious burger concepts just to get your