Fried Topping Faves

Fried toppings

Fried tastes good. Customers literally crave those crispy-crunchy onion rings, french fries, bacon and more – all of which make great burger toppings. Here’s a quick Fried Topping Favorites list, with recipe and photo links, in case you’re looking for ideas… Fried Pork Rinds > Check out the funky fun in this El Rey Burger

Fearless Ideas from a Burger Expert

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“Never Stop Exploring.” Burgers are a fantastic vehicle for culinary adventure. They can be whatever you want them to be, so never stop exploring potential burger components. Try different cheeses, different buns or bun alternatives, sauces, interesting produce, infused condiments. Look for new twists that are fun for your customers; they’ll remember a unique burger

Discover Cheese for Amazing Burgers

Plated Burger

All indications are that comfort foods will continue to reign supreme. Yet “expect the pendulum to keep swinging from classic comfort foods, to people wanting to mix it up,” explains Chef Bradley Borchardt, Cargill Senior Corporate Chef of Innovation and Strategy, “restaurants need to offer classic foods, but also try new things.” One way to

Explore Different Mustards to Build in Flavor

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Mustards are another interesting tool in your burger toolbox, and a cost effective way to kick up or change up the flavor.  There are literally hundreds of mustard varieties – from classic, sweet and course styles to flavored mustards, international mustards and more. We listed a few simple yet delicious burger concepts just to get your

Heighten Crave Appeal With Meat Toppings

Burger with Meat Toppings

Adding a second protein can boldly take a burger from ‘good’ to ‘unforgettable.’ Even better, it provides you endless possibilities to create and differentiate your menu. Let’s look at a few simply-to-execute, yet super-impressive, burger ideas. More Burger Builds – With Recipes! Check out these live links to great ‘meat-topped’ burgers created by your BurgerCravings chefs.

More Breakfast Burger Goodness

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From toppings to bun ideas and special sauces, here are some delicious (and simple) ways to transform a burger into the best part of the morning.2 6% of consumers say they enjoy eating foods associated with lunch of dinner for breakfast.2 2Technomic Breakfast Consumer Trend Report Do these breakfast ideas have your wheels turning? Get

Great Buns That Go Beyond

Burger with Mac n' Cheese Bun

Whether you need a healthy or low-carb option for your guests, or just want to try something that goes beyond bread, there are a ton of fantastic options for ways to serve your burgers. Even the usual simple cheeseburger gets an upgrade with these creative ideas. Branching out your bun offerings is a great way

Fruitful Flavors to Try

Burger with Pineapple

Add a little summer to your burger Although it might take some convincing for some customers, the added sweetness and unexpected flavor combinations that come with fruit toppings will not only broaden some palettes, it might help customers see you in a whole new light. Give these great fruit-featuring burgers a try and see what

Bourbon Inspiration

Burger with Bourbon Sauce

Bourbon can add so much to a simple recipe. These are just a few hints to get you started, but the ideas are endless! Can’t get enough? Have huge bourbon lovers in your restaurant? How about adding a shot of bourbon right on top of the bun? And for the “more is better” crowd, consider