What Goes Into a Successful Build-Your-Own-Burger Kit?

Build-your-own burger kit

of consumers would buy a meal kit from their favorite restaurant.1 Carefully Choose Your Kit Components. Burger ingredients that rated “extremely appealing” or “very appealing”2 Customization is Key More than 33% of consumers said they will pay more for a burger if they can customize it.2 Build-your-own-burger kits are all about customization – providing customers

When Dining In Is Out

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PACKAGE PERFORMANCE*: Paper-lined aluminum foil Foil keeps the burger hotter for longer with less moisture loss. It also helps protect the patty so it doesn’t dry out (cheese and cooked toppings also help with this). Corrugated cardboard box Corrugated cardboard boxes also do well and keep the visual integrity of the burger. And they recycle!

Good To Go– Packaging Tips

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TAKEOUT AND DELIVERY PACKING TIPS Second only to pizza delivery, burger delivery is staying strong, despite our current public health situation. In fact, 51% of diners say burgers and sandwiches are what they want most during our time staying at home.1 With pretty much all service being limited to takeout or delivery, how you package

Boxing, Not Plating

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Offering a bento box of toppings to your guests isn’t just trendy, it’s smart. Instead of offering your own set menu of complementary flavors and combinations, diners will have the chance to branch out and try something new. Your suggestions will always be welcome but inviting people to make their own flavor choices will not

Sliders for a Delicious Happy Hour

Burger with Jalepenos and Cheese

SLIDERS: ALWAYS A HAPPY HOUR HIT Cocktails at happy hour are still king, but starter-size dishes are remaining a strong option with consumers’ concerns about on-site dining varying almost minute by minute. With shareable appetizers not being as popular as they were in the past, you can still get a lot of flavor and please